Wide-Area Network State Monitoring System Based On LoRa Communication


  • AEM Recioui University of Boumerdes
  • Yasser Mokhbi University of Boumerdes
  • Aymen Mecheri University of Boumerdes




WAMS, State Monitoring, Communication, SISO, MIMO, LoRa, BER


To meet the requirements of long range, small amount of data transmission, better data correctnessand less delay,a wide-Area Network State Monitoring System approach based on LoRa communication is discussed in our Project. The objective is to study and test the performance of Two communication techniques used in wide area monitoring system, a single input single output (SISO) system and a multiple input multiple output system (MIMO) in terms ofBit Error Rate(BER) with varying the signal to noise Ratio(SNR).In addition, we study the Wide Area Monitoring system based on LoRa communication. The IEEE 14-bus power system with Phasor Measurement Units(PMUs) placed at selected buses is considered. The simulation results demonstrate that the MIMO system outperform the SISO system in terms of Bit Error Rate. Furthermore, the value of the reporting rate has been varied for both systems in MATLAB to see the effect on the data correctness and the results show that the Bit Error Rate value decreases with the increase of reporting rate.Finally, we dealt with a modified LoRa MATLAB code emulator to investigate the data error and delay. The results show that LoRa Technology has better performance in terms of delay and error.


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Recioui, A., Mokhbi, Y. and Mecheri, A. 2021. Wide-Area Network State Monitoring System Based On LoRa Communication. Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems . 6, 4 (Dec. 2021), 214-219. DOI:https://doi.org/10.51485/ajss.v6i4.144.