Design and simulation of solar pumping system using PVsyst, case study: TSABIT - ADRAR in Algeria


  • Samira BEDIAR Electrical Engineering Department. University Tahri Mohamed (UTMB), Bechar, Algeria
  • Abdelkader HARROUZ Department of Hydrocarbons and Renewable Energies. University of Ahmed Draya, Adrar, Algeria
  • Djamel BELATRACHE VPRS laboratory, University Kasdi Merbah , Ouargla, Algeria



Solar pumping, PV SYST Software, PV system, sun tracker device, storage power


In isolated sites, the extension of the electricity network requires a very high capital cost. For agriculture work, irrigation is a necessity. A possible solution is using renewable energy sources like solar power, which is environmentally friendly and available for free. This paper presents the design and simulation of a photovoltaic water pumping system for irrigation of a farm located at a place named Tsabit in Adrar southwest Algeria. A detailed approach for the design of an optimized PV water pumping system based on real water usage data is proposed. Besides, system design work and performance assessment were carried out based on hourly climatic conditions. PV SYST software is used to carry out this work. A comparison was also made between two water pumping systems with and without use of a sun tracker. From the obtained results, the use of this kind of system could have an important contribution in the social and economic development of a country, especially in the presence of a sun tracker device, where we recorded more efficiency.


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BEDIAR, S. , HARROUZ, A. and BELATRACHE, D. 2024. Design and simulation of solar pumping system using PVsyst, case study: TSABIT - ADRAR in Algeria. Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems . 9, 2 (Jun. 2024), 47-56. DOI: