Development of Instrumentation Adapted by C.M.M.S. Dedicate to Poly-articulated Mechanisms

(Computer-assisted Maintenance Management System)


  • Hadjira BELAIDI Univ-Boumerdes
  • Abderahmane BELAIDI Univ-Boumerdes
  • Abdelhalim BRAHIMI Blida 1 University
  • Moufida IRKI Blida 1 University



Synthesis of mechanisms,Measurement and Instrumentation, CAD Prototype.


Abstract: In this article three study phases have been discussed: Landing phase of a civil transport aircraft,
when part of the flow entering the reactors is redirected by thrust reversers. Phase of the functional and
technical study of which reflects on the aircraft maintenance component, without forgetting the phase of
synthesis of the landing system mechanisms. The approach presented relates to the description of the
different instruments and languages used for the control of vibratory behavior in a maintenance plan. Active
devices are used mainly in systems where the excitation acts permanently on the system and the minimization
of the amplitude of the vibrations is the dominant criterion. This is the reason why it is important to plan and
control the technical aspect which will contain the landing system from the point of view of geometry, torques,
positions, speeds and accelerations, and trajectories from the mechanism design phase.
Keywords: Synthesis of mechanisms, Measurement and Instrumentation, CAD Prototype



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BENMISRA, A., BELAIDI, H., BELAIDI, A., BRAHIMI, A. and IRKI, M. 2021. Development of Instrumentation Adapted by C.M.M.S. Dedicate to Poly-articulated Mechanisms: (Computer-assisted Maintenance Management System). Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems . 6, 1 (Mar. 2021), 61-66. DOI: