TCR Antenna For Small Satellite Application


  • Z. KOURDI Department Ground Application System, Center of Exploitation Satellites Telecommunication (C.E.S.T), Alger, Algeria
  • O. KARA ALI dept.Center of Development of the satellites (CDS), Oran, Algeria



Tracking Command Ranging, small satellite, Ku-band, Omni Antenna


The results of this study are interesting about antenna technology generation used in small satellite. A new design optimized of the TCR (tracking, command and ranging) antenna has been presented. It has a good impedance matching to the 50 Ohm coaxial line which has been radically enhanced with different geometric features. For the Ku band frequency band, the VSWR of 1.15 is not exceeded. In its optimized version, it is compact and aesthetic and this property reduces antenna distortions. Design considerations for this antenna performance in terms of coverage gain, side lobe isolation, and cross-polar isolation are discussed. The paper also discusses the possibilities of extending the frequency coverage of the antenna system into the Ku-band system can increase the capabilities and operational flexibility of existing earth stations as well as adapts with new current and future technology trends are presented.


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KOURDI, Z. and KARA ALI, O. 2018. TCR Antenna For Small Satellite Application. Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems . 3, 4 (Dec. 2018), 151-155. DOI: