Laboratory of Signals and Systems

The Signals and Systems research lab was created in 2001 with four small teams coming from the former Institute INELEC, with a total of 12 researchers. Since then, the number has increased from 12 up to 14 persons in 2008. During the last three years, the number has attained more than 25. The technical topics of the research conducted in our laboratory are:

  • Electric drives and industrial systems
  • Control and Robotics
  • Microelectronic systems applied to power system
  • Telecommunication
  • Smart Grid
  • Computer and DSP applications

The signals and Systems laboratory is involved in strong technical collaborations with many outstanding laboratories in electrical engineering and electronics such as the CDTA with whom a PNR project has been realized. There are close collaborations with the CREDEG/SONELGAZ. An international partnership with BEAMS Laboratory, ULB University, Belgium has been also established in the field of electrical protection.